Being fit is not about looking good, but about feeling good. A healthy lifestyle helps us live a quality life and reduces our health problems. To achieve this fit way of life, it is important to eat well in addition to exercising every day. Eating right starts in the kitchen, where cooking the right foods and ingredients enables us to maintain a good diet.

Here are some tips to ensure you are able to cook fit to look fit:

Switching To Healthier Fats

Fats are necessary nutrients in our diet which help our body function and run smoothly. We need to ensure we eat good fats in moderation i.e. unsaturated fats which are found in vegetable oils, nuts, olive oil, canola oil, and peanut oil. It is advisable to entirely eliminate trans-fat found in processed food in our diet. Brush your sandwiches with oil and grill them using this Prestige Electric Grill which comes with a detachable oil collector which can be used to collect excess oil or grease if there is any. This way you can eat right by switching to the correct appliances and healthier fats. No need to reach out for junk food when hunger pangs hit you!

Go Regional In Taste And Health

It is wise to opt to cook dishes which require less oil in their recipes generally. You can go regional and use recipes which are not only healthy but also easy to cook and can be enjoyed across all age groups in the family. South India’s delicacy Appams, the pancake-like food items, usually made from fermented rice batter are a great breakfast choice and are made in the traditional vessel called Paniyarakkal. While the ones made in rice batter itself are healthy, you can also experiment with appams using a variety of other nutritious options like urad dal or ragi flour. This equipment can also be used to make wadas, bondas and patties of paneer, dals, and vegetables. This Prestige Paniyarakkal helps to evenly distribute heat and has a safe coating to make healthy and tasty snack items as per everyone’s taste buds.

Nutrient High Foods

It is easy to forget and miss out on important nutrients when planning to cook meals. The fastest way for people to eat a nutritious meal and save time is to make one pot or pan dish which allows them to cook several ingredients together. Great options are vegetable stir-fry, pulaos and parathas which not only get cooked quickly but are flavourful and can be made of more than one ingredient at a time. Kadais, Pans and Pots from this Durastone cookware are easy allies in making such dishes. These give even heating, are durable and easy to use in the kitchen. Given their hard anodised base, food cooked in this requires less oil and does not stick to the pan. Throw in multiple veggies in a pan or kadai, add in a little olive oil, season with pepper or red chilly powder, add salt, stir and leave it to cook. A colourful plate of healthy food is ready and can be had either for lunch or dinner.

Cooking and eating to look fit does not mean consuming bland food and giving up flavours in life. With the right kitchen equipment and ingredients, it is easy to cook up the best dishes and still maintain a great diet.