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Intermediate Kashmiri Dum Aloo Kashmiri dum aloo is one of the most widely preferred north Indian curries. Baby potatoes are deep fried and Read More
Intermediate Kesar Badam Malai Kulfi Kesar Badam Malai Kulfi is a delicious ice-cream. It uses milk, milk powder, malai/homemade cream. As the name suggests Read More
Intermediate Karachi Biscuits Karachi Biscuits is also known as Fruit Biscuits. It uses refined flour, butter, sugar, custard powder and tutti frutti Read More
Non Vegetarian
Advanced Sarson Ka Saag Sarson Ka Saag is an all-time famous and delicious saag generally served with Makke Ki Roti. This is a Read More
Beginner Rava Onion Dosa Rava Onion Dosa – Instant Recipe is tasty, crispy version of dosa. This made with the combination of semolina, Read More
Beginner Onion Tomato Chutney Onion Tomato Chutney is a yummy chutney requires onion, tomato, dry red chilies and some spices. This chutney goes Read More
Advanced Potato Spinach Soup Potato Spinach Soup is a healthy and tasty soup requires potato, onion, spinach, broccoli. These vegetables cooked and mixed Read More
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