Some of the most helpful rules to operate wisely in kitchens were handed down to us by our moms. Valuable and practical tried-and-tested methods that have been passed down from generation to generation are of importance to beginners and experts, alike. While some of the advice is common sense, others are specific insider tips for getting started in a kitchen and whip healthy meals.

  1. Build familiarity – Spot the Products and learn about them

Like any journey, the path to culinary adventure begins with familiarizing yourself with the kitchen from the word go. Understand where and how various kitchen items are stored; how different equipment works and know the reliable everyday kitchen products like the Prestige’s Durastone Cookware Range. Overall, the idea is to get a general understanding of the kitchen format, the appliances and their usage.

2. Personalise your Tools for Efficient Cooking

Efficient appliances and products allow you to perform comfortably in the kitchen, so the best bet is to personalize the ones you might need the most. Invest in them, clean and take care of them regularly for an enhanced cooking experience. Organise your kitchen as per the way you want to operate. Get organized with Prestige’s Svachh Range of Products that will help facilitate in efficient cooking, thereby saving time and money.

3. Spruce up

You won’t enjoy cooking if your kitchen station is untidy and messy. A key component of smart cooking involves a clean set-up. Hence, utilise every spare minute to tidy up the kitchen space, wash down counters, clean the appliances, refold aprons and towels and take a visual inventory of the set-up. Appliances such as Prestige’s Svachh Hob and Gas Stove Range can be used to cook and clean easily, without cluttering the kitchen top.

4. Keep your most loved recipes in handy

In order to whip up tasty and healthy meals, keep the most loved recipes handy so that you are in control throughout the cooking process. Memorising cooking methods also ensure productivity. Haven’t we heard of waiting for the dishes our grandmas and moms make best. After all, familiarity rules when it comes to the kitchen.

5. Ensure Quality

Efficient and smart cooking doesn’t mean you cut corners because ultimately the taste will speak for itself and that leads to you feeling fulfilled. Maintain quality of the ingredients and balance the meal. There will always be too much work to accomplish in limited period of time. The solution is to organize, prioritize, and learn to work faster using the most apt cookware like Prestige’s Durastone Cookware Range.

6. Enjoy what you are doing

It all boils down to work satisfaction. While a person cooks with love for the family, the process should also nurture the mind, body, and soul. It will make you feel rejuvenated. With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking becomes a pleasure because the act engages the senses, promotes mindfulness, and allows you to experiment and be creative. The Multi Cooker  can help you cook various delicacies in record time and afford easy cleaning.

7. Add dollops of excitement

From the smell of fresh ingredients to the sound of sizzling pans, cooking engages all your senses. To enhance this experience, one must choose the right cookware like Prestige’s Paniyarakkal. Cooking requires focus and concentration as you stay in the moment, forget about the stress of daily life, and focus on the task at hand.